Thomson-Alcatel Router Passwords

A complete list of usernames and passwords for Thomson-Alcatel routers.

Find Your Thomson-Alcatel Router Password

Finding your Thomson-Alcatel router's user name and password is as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Find Your Thomson-Alcatel Router Model Number

    Look in the left column of the Thomson-Alcatel router password list below to find your Thomson-Alcatel router model number.

  2. Find Your Thomson-Alcatel Router Username

    Look one column to the right of your router model number to see your Thomson-Alcatel router's user name.

  3. Find Your Thomson-Alcatel Router Password

    You know the drill. Look another column to the right to find your Thomson-Alcatel router's password.

Great! You've found the password and username for your Thomson-Alcatel router! What next?

Login to Your Thomson-Alcatel Router Using the Router Password

Try logging into your Thomson-Alcatel router using the username and password.

Don't Know How to Login to Your Thomson-Alcatel Router?

You can login to a Thomson-Alcatel router in three easy steps:

  1. Find Your Thomson-Alcatel Router IP Address

  2. Enter Your Thomson-Alcatel Router IP Address Into an Internet Browser's Address Bar

  3. Submit Your Thomson-Alcatel Router Username and Password When Prompted By Your Router

For more information on how to login to your Thomson-Alcatel router please see our Free Guides.

Still can't login to your Thomson-Alcatel router even when using the username and password for your router?

Reset Thomson-Alcatel Router Password To Default Settings

(Use this as a last Resort!)

Thomson-Alcatel Router Password List

Model Default Username Default Password
SpeedTouch510v4.0blank blank 
SpeedTouch510v4.2blank blank 
SpeedTouch530blank blank 
SpeedTouch540blank blank 
SpeedTouch545blank blank 
SpeedTouch570v2.0blank blank 
SpeedTouch570v4.2blank blank 
SpeedTouch510Altblank blank 
Speedtouch608blank blank 
SpeedTouch570blank blank 
SpeedTouchFirewallblank blank 
Alcatel3881blank blank 
TCW690blank admin 
SpeedTouch585iAdministrator blank 
SpeedTouch576 blank 
SpeedTouch716WL blank 
TCW710blank admin 
SpeedTouch580 blank 
SpeedTouch536 blank 
SpeedTouch546blank blank 
SpeedTouch516 blank 
Speedtouch510v6admin admin 
Speedtouch530v6admin admin 
SpeedTouch536v5admin admin 
SpeedTouch585Administrator blank 
Speedtouch546v6admin admin 
SpeedTouch516iadmin admin 
Speedtouch780v6admin admin 
Speedtouch510v4.3admin admin 
SpeedTouch536v6 blank 
Speedtouch510v5admin admin 
SpeedTouch510iunknown unknown 
DCW725blank admin 
SpeedTouch516v6admin admin 
SpeedTouch625Administrator blank 
SpeedTouch511 blank 
TWG850blank admin 
TG797Administrator blank 
TG585v7Administrator blank 
TG787unknown unknown 
TG782Tunknown unknown 
TG784unknown unknown 
TG789vnunknown unknown 
ACG905blank admin 
TCW750-4unknown unknown 
TG580unknown unknown 
TG585v8Administrator Administrator 
TG782unknown unknown 
TWG-870unknown unknown 
DWG855Tunknown unknown 
ST536 blank 
ST546 blank 
ST585v6 blank 
ST585v6sl blank 
ST5x6v6 blank 
ST780 blank 
SpeedTouch_546v5blank blank 
TG585nAdministrator blank 
TG585nv2Administrator blank 
TG712Administrator blank 
TG508unknown unknown 
TWG-870Uunknown unknown 
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