TrendNET Router Passwords

A complete list of usernames and passwords for TrendNET routers.

Find Your TrendNET Router Password

Finding your TrendNET router's user name and password is as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Find Your TrendNET Router Model Number

    Look in the left column of the TrendNET router password list below to find your TrendNET router model number.

  2. Find Your TrendNET Router Username

    Look one column to the right of your router model number to see your TrendNET router's user name.

  3. Find Your TrendNET Router Password

    You know the drill. Look another column to the right to find your TrendNET router's password.

Great! You've found the password and username for your TrendNET router! What next?

Login to Your TrendNET Router Using the Router Password

Try logging into your TrendNET router using the username and password.

Don't Know How to Login to Your TrendNET Router?

You can login to a TrendNET router in three easy steps:

  1. Find Your TrendNET Router IP Address

  2. Enter Your TrendNET Router IP Address Into an Internet Browser's Address Bar

  3. Submit Your TrendNET Router Username and Password When Prompted By Your Router

For more information on how to login to your TrendNET router please see our Free Guides.

Still can't login to your TrendNET router even when using the username and password for your router?

Reset TrendNET Router Password To Default Settings

(Use this as a last Resort!)

TrendNET Router Password List

Model Default Username Default Password
GS8100admin admin 
TDM-C400admin admin 
TEW-211BRPadmin 1234 
TEW-231BRPblank blank 
TEW-311BRPadmin admin 
TEW-411BRP+blank admin 
TEW-431BRPblank blank 
TEW-432BRPadmin admin 
TEW-432BRPv2admin admin 
TEW-432BRPv3admin admin 
TEW-432BRPv4admin admin 
TEW-435BRMadmin password 
TEW-435BRM 1admin password 
TEW-435BRMv2blank blank 
TEW-435BRMv3blank blank 
TEW-435BRMv4admin password 
TEW-436BRMadmin admin 
TEW-452BRPadmin admin 
TEW-452BRPv4admin admin 
TEW-452BRPv5admin admin 
TEW-511BRPblank admin 
TEW-631BRPunknown unknown 
TEW-631BRPv2unknown unknown 
TEW-631BRPv3unknown unknown 
TEW-632BRPadmin admin 
TEW-632BRPv2admin admin 
TEW-633GRunknown unknown 
TEW-634GRUadmin admin 
TEW-635BRMadmin password 
TEW-635BRMv2admin password 
TEW-639GRadmin password 
TEW-651BRadmin admin 
TEW-651BRv2admin admin 
TEW-652BRPadmin admin 
TEW-652BRPv2admin admin 
TEW-654TRadmin admin 
TEW-657BRMadmin password 
TEW-658BRMadmin admin 
TEW-671BRadmin admin 
TEW-672GRunknown unknown 
TEW-673GRUadmin admin 
TEW-691GRunknown unknown 
TEW-692GRunknown unknown 
TEW-731BRadmin admin 
TEW-812DRUadmin admin 
TEW-812DRUv2admin admin 
TEW-823DRUunknown unknown 
TPL-111BRadmin admin 
TVP-224HRadmin 123 
TW100-BRF1141blank blank 
TW100-BRF114Ublank blank 
TW100-BRM504v2blank blank 
TW100-BRV204blank blank 
TW100-BRV204v2blank blank 
TW100-BRV304v2blank blank 
TW100-S4W1CAblank blank 
TW100-S4W1CAv2admin blank 
TW100-S4W1CAvFblank blank 
TW100-S4W1CAvGadmin blank 
TWG-BRF114blank blank 
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