Opening Ports for Teamviewer on the Comodo ComodoFirewall Firewall

Open up the Teamviewer program.You may see a security alert window that looks like the following image.ComodoFirewall If you do, then click the Remember my answer for this application checkbox to put a check in it. Then click the Allow button.Now let's open up the Comodo Firewall so we can check the settings in it. ComodoFirewall

Click the Security button near the top of the page.


Click the Application Monitor button near the left of the page.

ComodoFirewall You should see Teamviewer in the Application Control Rules table. The protocol row of the Teamviewer should be set to TCP/UDP Out. If it is not set to that click Teamviewer and then click the Edit button. ComodoFirewall In the general section set the Action drop down to Allow. Then set the Protocol drop down to TCP or UDP. Set the Direction drop down to Out. Then click the Ok button to save those settings. Then on the left hand side of the Comodo Firewall window click the Network Monitor option.ComodoFirewall

We will list a series of lines here that will show you exactly how to setup Comodo Firewall's firewall for Teamviewer. Go ahead and enter the settings shown below into the Network Control Rule menu.

Click the Add link close to the top of this window. Almost all the settings on the tabs on this page will remain the same.The only one you will need to change is the Destination Port tab. So click that tab now.
  Exclude (i.e. Not the choice below.)  
  Any Ports:  
  A single port  
  A port range  
  A set of ports (comma seperated e.g. 80,443)  
Click the Ok button to save those changes. Click the Add link close to the top of this window.ComodoFirewall Set the Action drop down box to Allow. The Protocol drop down box should be set to TCP or UDP. Set the Direction drop down box to In. Click the Destination Port tab in the middle of the screen. Then put a dot into the A set of ports (comma seperated e.g. 80,443) radio button. Now enter the ports to allow into the Ports box. These ports can be entered a list like 50,60,70, a range like 500-600, or a combination of both like 50,60,70,500-600. Then click the Ok button at the bottom of the screen to save those changes. Once you have created the new rule, be sure to right click that rule and move up above all of the block rules.ComodoFirewall

To test if your port has been properly opened, you can use our Port Checker tool.

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