Opening Ports for Lorex IP Surveillance on the Trend Micro TrendMicroPC-cillinInternetSecurity Firewall

Open up Lorex IP Surveillance. TrendMicroPC-cillinInternetSecurity You might see a window pop up like the one above. If you do, click the Allow button. If you try modifing the permissions for Lorex IP Surveillance with it open, you may get popup windows while trying to make your changes. So it's best to close Lorex IP Surveillance. Go ahead and do that now. Then go aheand and open up the Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security. TrendMicroPC-cillinInternetSecurity Click the Personal Network & Firewall Controls button on the left hand side of this window.TrendMicroPC-cillinInternetSecurity Click the Personal Firewall link. A window pane should drop down. Click the settings button in the window pane that dropped down.TrendMicroPC-cillinInternetSecurity Click the Direct Internet Connection link. Then click the Edit button.TrendMicroPC-cillinInternetSecurity Set the Security level slider to Maximum or Medium. I prefer Maximum, because Medium allows file and printer sharing to be used by someone on the internet. Click the Program Control tab at the top of the screen.TrendMicroPC-cillinInternetSecurity Find Lorex IP Surveillance in the list of applications displayed on this page, and click it to highlight it. Then click the Edit button that is close to the top of the screen.TrendMicroPC-cillinInternetSecurity Delete all of the In rules in the table at the bottom of the window Click Add button to add a new rule.
Add or Edit Personal Firewall Rule
Name of network control rule:
Connection: Incomming Outgoing Both
Action: Allow Deny Warn
All ports
Specified ports:
IP Setting
Click the Ok button to save that rule. Click the Add button to add a new rule. Put a dot in the Incomming radio button. Put a dot in the Allow radio button.Use the Protocol Type drop down box to select the protocol of the ports you are allowing. If you are unsure of the protocol of those ports just select the TCP/UDP option. Put a dot in to the Specified Ports radio button. Then enter the ports to allow in to the Specified Ports box. These ports can be entered in a list like 50,52,53 a range like 500-600 or a combination of both like 50,52,53,500-600. The IP Setting Type drop down box should be set to All IP Addresses. Click the Ok button to save the rule. Click the Ok button all the way back to the main menu. It's very important to note, that if Lorex IP Surveillance tries to communcate on a port that you did not specify you will get another popup box asking to allow or deny that traffic. If you click allow, this firewall will create two new rules that will allow all traffic for Lorex IP Surveillance. The newly created rules will overide the specific rules that you created. Be absolutely sure you know what the program is doing before clicking that allow button.That should be it. The firewall should be properly configured.

To test if your port has been properly opened, you can use our Port Checker tool.

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