Opening Ports for Comanche 4 on the Zone Labs ZoneAlarmProFirewall Firewall

Go ahead and open up ZoneAlarm Pro.


Click the Firewall link near the left hand side of the page.


Click the Expert link near the top of the page.


Click the Add button.


We will list a series of lines here that will show you exactly how to setup Zone Alarm's firewall for Comanche 4. Go ahead and enter the settings shown below into the Add Rule menu.

Rank: State:
Name: Action:
Comments: Track:

Use the Protocol Modify button to add a new Protocol.


Destination Port:
Source Port:

Enter a name for this rule into the Name box.

Select Enabled from the State drop down box.

Select Allow from the Action drop down box.

Select None from the Track drop down box.

Use the Modify button to select Internet Zone for the Source box.

Use the Modify button to select My Computer for the Destination box.

Leave Time box set to Any.

Click the Modify button to create a new Modify entry.

Use the Protocol drop down box to select the protocol type of the ports you are forwarding.

Enter a name for this rule into the Description box.

If you are forwarding a range of ports, enter the port range into the second Destination box. The lowest port in the range should be entered first, then a dash, and then the highest port in the range. 500-600 is an example of a port range.

Leave Source Port set to other and any.

Click the Protocol Ok button.

Keep in mind the DenyAllIn rule needs to always be the last rule in the list!

Click the Rule Ok button.

When you are finished, click the Apply button at the bottom of your screen.

And that is it! You are done!

To test if your port has been properly opened, you can use our Port Checker tool.

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