Network Utilities

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings - "After the cut-scene, rush the Wraith Knights with your Silver Sword. When the armored standard-bearers appear, use a sign to take control of them and turn them against one another. When the owl appears, follow it out of the danger zone. Don't step outside of the orange zone or you'll take instant damage. Occasionally wraiths will trap the owl with magical restraints. When this happens, ignore other foes and cut down the Wraiths immediately. You'll be invited to a council meeting at the Castle of Three Fathers. Saskia will be poisoned during the discussion. Philippa will give you a list of ingredients for her revival. Go after the Immortelle herb first. Travel to the inn and speak with Zoltan. He and a group of friends can be convinced to open the mines beneath the city where the herb may be found.