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FIFA 14 Walkthrough Free Kick

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FIFA 14 allow for combinations when executing free kicks with as much as three players. In order to use their skills is this set piece, you can add a second - the run button - and a third player - the finesse button.

You can change the free kick executioner by pressing the sprint button.

It's the simplest but also the most effective way of scoring a goal from a free kick. In order to shoot at the goalpost, press the modifier and shoot button. Try matching the power with which you want to kick the ball. Try choosing the upper corners of the goalpost - it's hardest for the goalkeeper to catch the ball there.

A technical free kick is a good choice for player with good technique. This type is good for free kicks maximally 20 meters away from the goalpost. In order to perform such a shot, press the shoot and finesse modifier buttons.

Sending a "torpedo" at the goalpost from afar is the domain of strong and athletic players. Such a shot are good from big distances, when the most important thing is not necessarily precision, but the sole power which can cause problems to the enemy goalkeeper. In order to send a straight torpedo, press the shoot, modifier and finesse buttons.