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Join our collection of satisfied customers. Here are just some of the many kind words our customers have had to say about our Network Utilities product and our support staff.

Our Support Gets The Job Done

When you purchase Network Utilities you are making sure that you get your ports forwarded. Our support crew will take care of you until your ports are forwarded.

I have recommended this program to my friends because it does what it's supposed to do and the awesome support.

I wish to thank you guys for the prompt and concise responses. It is refreshing to have a company be so customer-friendly!

I'm going to repeat myself one last time and go ahead and say thank you guys at PortForward support team for making your customer's needs an obligation.

I cannot praise you highly enough and will certainly be telling all my friends about this wonderful product and customer service.

Dear Tedie and team, thank you for all your support and help. Everything is now functioning and apparently stable - wonderful.

Thanks once again Allen, it works great I appreciate the support. You have a wonderful weekend.

Our Software is Easy To Use

Network Utilities is the easiest way to get your ports forwarded. Simply run each of our tools as needed and your ports will be forwarded in your router.

I bought your program to help with Port Forwarding and it solved my problem with the first use.

Set up was a breeze; I will let all my friends know about this wonderful product.

It works! Outstanding. Thanks for the help.

Thanks for your service - its amazing - I'm truly impressed.

First of all: thank you for your amazing services! Second: I just bought your PFConfig program and it all worked perfectly.

Yes, it works!! You guys Are the best... thank you!

Increase Your Happiness

There is no faster way to get your ports forwarded than using our software. Let us forward your ports for you, so that you can get back to whatever else it is that you would rather be doing.

Thanks for replying so fast, the customer service is amazing.

It works!! Thanks so much, this had been bugging me for days da man.

Hooray! It works! I am now successfully connected. :) Thank you so much for all your help!!!

yay! it works! you're awesome! thank you so very much for your help :)

Yes, I'm pleased to say that works!

Everything is working a treat.. thanks my friend, I appreciate all the work. You are amazing.

We Can Forward Your Ports For Any Reason

It doesn't matter if you want to run a game server or connect to a remote IP camera, we can get your ports forwarded. We've forwarded more ports than any one else, and we've seen every problem out there. We can do this!

It works! I can view my cameras remotely. THANK YOU!!

YES it works!!! I'm able to connect to my Minecraft server yes! Thank you so much!

Followed your instructions and ran PFConfig to delete my forwarded ports and.... IT WORKS!!!! :)

It Just Works

At the end of the day, our customers are happy because our software just works. Try it out for yourself today. We're sure you'll be pleased.

It works!! - thanks - well done!

It works!! You don't know how I much can thank you!

IT WORKS!!!!!! Man am I HAPPY!!!!!!

It works!!! Thank You so much!!!

IT WORKS!!! Thank you so much for all your patience and help. You are awesome! Thanks again

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