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The game will automatically guide you to training sceen during your first time playing, and VR Training will be the only option. Click on this to start.

You will start at the basic movement training. Wait for further instuctions

You are then granted with movement. Use the mouse to aim and wasd to move. Again wait for further instructions

Basic movement instruction

Walk with your mech over to the bridge where laila will spawn in to greet you.

Learn about boosting

More boosting exposition

Boost over to laila and you will get your next task

Spin in a 180 by pressing left shift and the s key

Now try it out

Do another boost over to laila

Now we learn hovering, the jump mechanic in HAWKEN. Jump up the ledge to continue

The next ledge will be impossible to get up so waste all your fuel and drop to the previous platform

Now we will do gap hovering, basically the same thing as boosting but instead of shift you use the spacebar and you go across a gap. Reach Laila to complete the basic movement course.

congrats! You've completed the first training mission.