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You're welcomed with the sunset in the Middle East as you enter the training mission.

Turn around and run towards this barrier. It'll prompt you to jump and tell you that "Space" is the key for jumping.

Then, you'll have to go prone to go underneath this barrier.

Now get back up with Z too and wait for your orders.

Sprint to the open gateway ahead to get to the warehouse.

Look up your training commander and listen to his instructions.

Run your way to the objective where you'll start your training.

There will be a gun on this table. Pick it up by pressing "F".

Enter this door to head to the shooting target.

Your instructor will prompt you to shoot without using your ironsights. Do so.

Reload your weapon and use your gun with iron sights.

Go to the next door.

On your left and press "F" to learn about supply.

You can resupply your ammo and remove/add any other items/attachments you want on here.

Then, go to the shooting range in that room and take out the targets.

To your right will be the exit, but you'll have to shoot the enemies on your way to the next area. Kepp your gun out and stay alert.

Follow the arrows to your destination.

"Here, you'll have to wait for the targets to pop up in the pit or in the house directly ahead of you.

Run t your left when your done with those targets to the objextive point.

Resupply your ammo again.

Put on the armor...

And chest rig.

Now, wait for this door to open and shoot the targets again.

After you're done, wait for this door to open and get to the objective point.

There, you will finally see your instructor.

The resupply station will be to your right.

You'll have enoough supplies to get a primary weapon. Supply the M16 and get ready to shoot the targets.

Cycle through the fire modes to get used to all of them.

You'll move on and get to supply an attachment to your weapon.

I picked a scope to improve my aiming since the next targets are a little bit more farther.

And of course, you'll get to shoot the targets. Shift will help you steady you aim.

After that, you can play around with the attachments.

When you're done using different attachments, go towards the objective.

You'll have to hold your position at the car which is an objective point.

After you have, shoot the targets.

Then, advance through the course to that garage door at the back of the course.

There will be targets you'll have to shoot on the way also.

Head up stairs to meet your instructor and learn about grenades.

But first, equip the flashlight onto your weapon to learn how to use it.

Turn it on and shoot the photo frames of someone that's below on the ground.

Equip the grenade to practice using it.

TIP: You might have to remove some attachments to get the grenade.

Throw it to the dumpster.

Now go to reequip it at the resupply station.

You'll have to now use secondary fire and get it under the fence into that ditch.

By the way, this took me a while to do. So don't stress.

After you finally do it, equip the C4 at the resupply station.

You'll have to throw it over the fence that's to your left and into the dumpster.

Make sure to get outta there when you detonate it.

Equip a bit of a longer scope to shoot the longer range targets he'll set up for you.

Turns out, insurgents are coming your way...get ready. This is the real thing. They'll smoke out the middle but make sure you watch the sides and always stay down and in cover.

Your instructor will tell you to fall back into the warehouse after awhile.

Go to the objective point to meet your instructor.

Insurgents will come from the garage door you came from.

The first wave there's just a few and it'll be pretty easy.

More will come out though after time goes on.

Watch that catwalk right there because a lot of insurgents will be there and that's basically what kills you.

Always use the car for cover.

And keep your eyes on that catwalk.

Then your reinforcements come late.

And you're done! You'll be given the option to play online or train more.

Game Modes

There are 3 kinds of modes with various sub game modes in Insurgency.

PvP I do not recommend you do. The descriptions are there but I'd do co-op first to get used to fighting enemies.

In Co-op game modes, you play with a whole bunch of other people and fight against AI enemies.

Custom game modes are made by the communities and servers will be limited since they're arent dedicated custom servers.

And that's it to Insurgency! I hope this walkthrough helped you and I hope you enjoyed the game. Game on!