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October 26, 2021 (Last Updated: ) | Reading Time: 2 minutes

You need Network Utilities, right?

Did you know that you can purchase Network Utilities with a variety of cryptocurrencies? We use Coinbase as our broker.

If you are new to crypto and need to start investing in cryptocurrencies, use our referral code and we'll both earn $10 as soon as you fund your account with $100.

Port Forward / Coinbase Referral code

Start Investing in Crypto Now! Sign up with our referral link and we both get $10!.

As a bonus, we are offering a special discount of 25% off for purchases made using DOGE (and maybe others... read on).

After sending the coins, Send Us a Message and we'll set up your account.

Pick your favorite coin below to get started with Network Utilities today.


Our preferred coin is DOGE. To get your 25% off, simply send $30 to the following address:

DOGE: DTnmJggzAhv6wob5jwP5nLQRgq4Nj6GWnU

Note: Remember, that's a DOGE address. Only send DOGE to that address.

Shiba Inu

If you prefer SHIB, that's cool, we like it too. In fact, we'll even offer the same 25% discount on SHIB that we offer with DOGE. To purchase Network Utilities with SHIB, simply send $30 to the following SHIB address:

SHIB: 0x1c15fA3EbD88b2D9928bd3e57148192eC0Ca1611

Note: Make sure that you send SHIB to that address or else your coins will be lost. At least that's what Coinbase tells us.


Not quite up with the latest meme coins yet? That's cool too. We take Cardano. Fine, we'll give you the 25% discount on that one too! Send $30 in coin to the following cardano address:

ADA: addr1qxhlky7a3najsdzjq5nzx2ltgt79ttj36x66zm0pu4w4l040lvfamr8m9q69ypfxyv47kshu2kh9r5d459k7re2at7lqrrvssm


I see you're old-school-cool with BITC. We love it! Not to be left out, BITC purchases are also 25% off. Send $30 in BITC to the following address:

BTC: bc1qr5ql0qnrmlrkjuwjrd7fzs5q8c0ercxlgsg3ld


Eth gas fees are getting pretty high, but we sill support it. Since ETH is going out of style, we'll give you the 25% off bonus for ETH as well. Send $30 of ETH to the following address:

ETH: 0x1c15fA3EbD88b2D9928bd3e57148192eC0Ca1611

How To Get Your Copy of Network Utilities

Remember, after you send the coin, simply contact us in Our Message System and we'll set up your account. This step is done manually so it might take a couple of hours.

Want To Use Another Type of Coin

If you want to use a coin type that we do not have listed here, simply message us in Our Message System and we'll get the address listed here. We've simply picked these 5 coin types because we like them. Deep down, we're coin-agnostic.

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