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Aquaria Walkthrough The Body : map IV (Gauntlet)

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Although the game calls this area as The Body, but fans have given this place the unofficial name of The Gauntlet. It doesn't matter what you call it, just follow the one and only path available.

Past the first Gateway, you can find a Song Plant containing a Long Life Soup on the lower right side of this room.

Not so long after that you'll encounter your first Mutant Naija. Defeat her using your Dual Form.

"After the second Gateway, look on your map to find a hidden little cavern to the left. Swim through where

Prepare yourself as once you enter this area, you will be attacked by a thousand of Mutilus.

Don't be afraid, it's nothing big, really. It's easier to defeat them in Dual Form as Naija's shriek will kill most of them. Once done, head to the very left of the room to find a Song Plant. Keep going, defeat the final Gateway to proceed to the next area.