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Aquaria Walkthrough The Body : map V (The Heart)

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Use the Save Crystal to save your game, then travel through the Tubeflower to find an Ancient Turtle along with three Song Plants. At this point, many of players take the opportunity to head back to safer area to collect more ingredients.

Make sure to have lots of healing foods, poison removal and energy shot booster. You can also check out Naija's Home if you haven't been keeping up with all the treasures you've collected.

Save for one last time, as there's no turning back.. Swim further. You get to fight..

The Creator (form 1). After the cutscene's end, simply avoid his attack then hit his face with energy blast until his mask fall off.

Once his mask fell off, he will suck and capture Li again

before changes to another form. In this second form, his attacks are more powerful. Try to avoid his poisonous balls and DO NOT swim near his arm as he will grab you. It's pretty hard to spin yourself free, so try not to get caught.

Keep shooting his face and dodge the laser attacks untill he's finally stops for good!

But it's not over yet.. Now he's running away. Chase him down.

Trace him down in Sun Form, then switch to Energy Form to blast him. He'll open his pincers to lunge at you. That's when you should hit him in the eye.

After a few blasts he'll retreat to the small room to the right. Follow and blast him again.

To defeat him in his fourth form, you need to repeat (in order) three notes that he sang. If you sing all three without getting hit by any of the fireballs, he takes the damage. Do this several times.

Finally, it's time to defeat the final boss! In Energy Form, blast his eyes until his eye is poking out. Switch to Sun Form then throw a fully charged sunbeam in his eye.

Quickly switch to Energy Form again, blast his eyes causing it to burned. Now bind his eye pull it out!

Now that Li is back, switch to Dual Form. Shoot the second head inside his chest while avoiding the laser beam. He will release some Nautilus, kill them to absorb their life essence.

Once you've absorb enough to charged up Naija's attack, switch to Naija's side. Swim up to The Creator's head and let it rip. The victory is yours!