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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough Mission 2 - Hunter Killer

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Follow the soldiers dodging the mines, you can see them on your radar.

Follow the other soldiers and wait to plant the mine.

Plant the mine on the submarine.

Walk up the submarine and kill the enemies entering from the hatches in front of you.

Climb down the hatch after Sandman throws a frag grenade in there.

Continue down the ladder of the hatch and make your own way to the checkpoint killing all enemies in your way.

Continue to the checkpoint.

Continue to the checkpoint.

Continue to the checkpoint and continue killing all enemies.

Rendeavous with Sandman at the checkpoint and wait for him to breach the door together.

Breach the door.

Kill all the enemies after breaching the door.

Access the launch panel.

Climb up the ladder leading to the roof of the submarine.

Jump into the boat with sandman.

Drive the boat following the boat in front of you.

Shoot the mines on the boat which pulls up on your left.

Continue following the boat.

Drive the boat into the helicopter marked.

Drive the boat into the Chinook helicopter to finish the mission.

You have now completed the second mission of MW3.