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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough Mission 1 - Black Tuesday

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Following Sandman, kill all the enemies.

There are Friendlies in front of you, do not fire at them. Continue following Sandman.

Turn right with the friendlies and continue to kill enemies while following Sandman.

Turn right into the building and continue following Sandman.

Follow Sandman up the stairs.

Kill the enemies and continue following Sandman.

There are enemies above you and in front of you, take them out and continue following Sandman.

Follow Sandman through the corridor.

Continue following Sandman down the stairs.

Throw a flashbang when Sandman opens the door and kill the stunned enemies.

After killing the Enemies, follow Sandman up the stairs.

Follow Sandman and kill the enemies in the store below.

Follow Sandman to the ground floor down the stairs.

Kill the reinforcements on the ground floor.

After killing the reinforcements, follow Sandman outside.

Following Sandman, kill the enemies in your path to the checkpoint.

Continue following Sandman.

Rendeavous with Sandman at the bottom of the escalator and follow him up.

Kill the enemies in front of you.

Follow Grinch and Sandman up the stairs heading towards the balcony.

Follow Sandman towards the ladder leading to the balcony.

Climb up the ladder

After climbing the ladder, kill the enemies on the balcony.

Climb up the stairs of the balcony and kill the remaining enemies.

Go to the tower placed on the roof and plant explosives onto it.

Get behind cover away from the bomb and set it off.

Use the predator drone to kill enemies on other rooftops.

Kill the enemies with the predator drone.

Kill the helicopter with the predator drone.

Follow Sandman and jump into the helicopter.

Kill the remaining enemies with the gatling gun on the helicopter.

Kill the enemy helicopters that appear, and that will be the end of mission 1.