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Project IGI 1 Walkthrough Mission 8 - Re-Supply

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Kill your first enemy (if you don't kill him he will kill you).

Get on container.

Jump over the wall and

Come on other side and move forward.

Stay away from tank.

kill second enemy.

Kill all starting enemy , do not alert anyone till you get LAW.

Kill enemy located on tower.

Get in this house and kill him before he alert everyone.

Get into room and

Turnoff all security camera.

Get in this compound.

Turn on generater.

Use this button to open gate of underground room.

Pickup LAW and homing device.

Pickup map computer And

Get out from this area.

Move in this direction.

Place device.

Open and enter.

Open and enter in radar room.

Turnoff radar.

Go near pink flame.

Mission complete.