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Quantum Conundrum Walkthrough Is This Real Life,Is This Just Fan-tasy?

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Place the box in the beam.Then the chicken and quickly run through the door.

Place 3 safes in a stair way to the right platform.

Trhow in the IDS.

Take the chair and turn on heavy when the laser comes close,Then when it goes away take the chair again and move forward.

Stack the safes lengthwise to get the beam.

Then go and press the red button to get the IDS.

Place the box on the scale and turn on heavy but then double tab heavy.

Throw the box at the window then turn on heavy before it hits.

Place the safe on the scale.

Then take the box and break the window.

Place a safe on the scale then turn on heavy and jump on it,Then turn on fluffy.

Place the two safes on each scale then jump on one and then turn on heavy and then fluffy.

Break through the glass and put on the scale.

Throw the safe over with fluffy.

Then do the walk drop with the safe and go to the other side of the lasers.

Put the Energy ball on the edge of the scale and then stand on the safe on the other side,Then let it shoot you up and then quickly grab the ball and throw it in.

Do the same here, put it on one scale and then stand on the other.