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Quantum Conundrum Walkthrough Kalodiophobia

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Press the red button and place the wood boxes like this.

Then quickly jump over to the stairs.

Throw the IDS in and go down and get the other one.

Place both safe and box on and turn on heavy.

Throw the box then turn on heavy.

turn on heavy and press the red button then walk through.

Let the first 3 safes on top get destroyed then turn on heavy.

Then let the last two get destroyed.

Then the last one.

Throw in the IDS.

Take the lamp, Throw it at the window and turn on heavy before it hits the window.

Press the red button again and then heavy and go get a safe.

While walking to the safe release grip of the safe and then turn on heavy and it will flip into the lasers.

Take the box from the blue beam.

Press the red button and let the safes drop.

Place a box ontop of a safe infront of the beam and get the IDS then throw it in the holder.

Place a Safe and then a Box in front of the beam.