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Red Faction: Guerrilla Walkthrough Mars Attacks

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Sam is waiting for us in targeted place. She will ask you to use the computer console .

Your next target is to get to the satellite console, downstairs .

Now you have to destroy all EDF forces that will show up . You will notice some slow tanks too .

Shoot them later. They are very slow and as a matter of fact the rest of vehicles will stop near them making our quest very easy to complete.

Return to your woman.

and she will order you to attack the enemy troops. Luckily, you can use an upgrade version of your rocket launcher now .

You will have to go through the guarded EDF terrain now. It is not very simple. You have to handle with barricades with soldiers and ground turrets. Shoot all the time and try not to loose your way.

At last you will get to the hill and you will have to take a walk. Some of your guerrilla friends will take care of EDF infantry

Go higher . You will have to destroy some well-armed vehicles with rocket launcher. In your free time you have to destroy shield marked with yellow .

That's the end of the main plot. You can return to game now to complete other quests.