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Scribblenauts Walkthrough Anaphora Falls

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Create a sun so he can tan.

Put another log in between the already existing logs.

Use a flamethrower to burn the torch on the right. But use the flamethrower outsied of the water. When ur done open the red cheast.

Add the adjective alive to the dead girl.

"Put an apple next to the piranha.

Put out the fire on the ship with a water bucket and then pull it into the water with a chain.

Give a camera to the girl. And a radio to the dude.

Put a gorilla costume on yourself.

Give a paint brush to the elephant.

Give the guy a hat.

Give him a fishing pole.

Put bread in the water.

Put pink bread in the water.

Put fudge in the water.

Spawn a rocker for the musical monkey.

Spawn a witch for the witch monkey.

Spawn a gamer for the nerd monkey.

Spawn Maxwell for the maxwell monkey.