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Scribblenauts Walkthrough Payper N. Penitentiary

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Put a toilete next to the sniper.

Give a police hat to the knight girl.

Spawn a monkey for the evil genius.

Spawn a nerd to watch the monitors.

Spawn a paladin.

Put a wrench in the cake.

Give the gnome grass.

Give the bunny pink paint.

Kill the werewolf.

Give Santa a cake.

Make a bridge for the princess and the hero.

Spawn a basketball player.

Spawn an elf.

Spawn a drummer.

Spawn a actor.

Spawn a scientist.

Spawn a cosplayer.

Give the cop a chair.

Add the adjectiv alive to the ghost.

Give the prisoner pizza.

Give the conman a police hat.

Spawn a dog for the nerd.

Put a crate on the button.

Drop ice on the fire.

Run to the far left. After all the spikes fall from the roof run to the middle in between the cones.

After picking up the key get back up to the 2nd. Use a fan to blow away the spike ball.

Add the adjective small to Maxwell and run under the door.

Hold the button with your head until the barells fall and explode. Then create and air went underneath the button and put crate on it.

Wait for the lightning to stop and then move a little so the other lightning wont hit you.

Wait for the vent to stop and then quickly fly down into the timemachine.