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Scribblenauts Walkthrough Listy Colon

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Give the ninja a katana.

Give the crow a stick.

Put a crate in the prison.

Give the man a log to craft a peg leg.

Give the green man oranges to cure the scurvy.

Put a cannon ball in the canonn.

Spawn a policeman.

Give her a brush.

Put chess on the table.

Add the adjective pink to the seagul.

On the far right in the water there is a chest guraded by a shark. Kill the shark and get the map from the chest to give to this guy.

Spawn a captain.

Spawn a banker.

Spawn a paladin.

Spawn a chef.

Spawn a ninja.

Spawn a sniper.

Give a swrod to the skeleton.

Give a beard to the zombie to the right of the skeleton.

Put a mirror in front of the ghost.

Give a book to the zombie right of you.

Give a parrot to the captain ghost.