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Scribblenauts Walkthrough Lost Kingdom of Parentheses

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If you go down on the left there is a golden chest, pick it up and hand it to this guy.

For the golden one go to the right, but you will have to kill a monster. Where you find the golden chest there is a stone pull it with a chain and inside u will find a rubby for the red pillar. For the silver pillar u can find a diamond near Cthulhu.

Create a clock for Cthulhu.

Add the adjective small to the submarine.

Give the wings to the alien.

Give a trident to Poseidon. Give a diploma to the ghost.

Put a bottle on the lobster.

Give phone to the mermaid.

Spawn a minotaur for the scientist.

Give plutonium to the woman.

Put metal in the cage.

Put goggles and a robe on Maxwell.

Add adjective insane to Maxwell.

Destroy the plug.

Give a bearry to the troll.

Give salt to the troll.

Give a pepper to the troll.