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Scribblenauts Walkthrough Capital City Firehouse

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Give the dog a firemanhelmet.

Activate all the allarms on all three floors. On the third floor the bell is broken, just fix it with a wrench or something.

Give the man a defibrilator.

Create a doctor for the pyromaniac.

Give him a hammer to rebuild the building.

Give the fireman headphones.

On the first floor grab the helmet from the pink locker and give it t oher.

Give her a clock.

Give him a hammer to tenderize the meat.

Paint the car red.

Give the mechanic a speaker.

Give the fireman a extinguisher.

Give the car wings.

Give the doctor medicine to cure the patient.

Give the game a weapon.

Give the little girl a doll.

Put a gun, piece of metal and a wheel in the crate.

Get in the mec and defend the survivors.