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Scribblenauts Walkthrough Hyphen Heights

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Give the old lady a seed so she can feed the birds.

Use a dog whistle to train the dog.

Give the boy a basketball so he can practic.

Add an adjcetiv to the blond kid so he can stand up to the bully. Something like brave.

Give the man something to ride(bike, car, motorbike, etc.)

Give her flowers.

Here i just spawned a mafia guy and put him on the screen.

Spawn a lawnmower and cut the grass.

Eat one of the floating foods.

Destroy the building with something like a jackhammer.

After making something like a waterpark create billboard to attract people.

Give the dude a suit.

Give him a car. Something like limo.

Create something that the boyfriend can give to his girlfriend.

Spawn a musician to set the mood.

Spawn a priest to marry the happy couple.