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Rough Beginnings

Run to cover and kill them one by one

Make your way through the streets

Wait for your teammates and go through the room

Pick up the explosives and go back

Set the explosive and move back (a soldier will spawn on the balcony behind you by the way)

As you take a few steps through turn back and run out because Vlad is gonna fire his RPG at you

Fight your way through, and be careful of the grenades

Kill the guy in the back with the RPG first or else you will take a lot of damage

After you kill him there will be 2 more at the bottom of the stairs

As you try and go back up a grenade falls, turn aroun so you don't get blinded, kill the guy at the top of the stairs and go through the hole in the wall

End of the Beginning

Stay in cover and try to kill as many as you can

Then go to the other side and get to cover while you wait for your teammamte to destroy the tank

After that defend yourself from the enemies behind you

Fight through the streets, not really a lot to say or do at this point go through the streets and kill everyone in your way

Watchout for the roofs

When you get to hear its the end of the level

Guerrillas in the Mist

Make your way through the jungel

Go through this small area and kill everyone in your way

You can snipe them before you go down there

Go inside the plane and be ready to defend yourself

After you kill everyone on this side they will start attacking from the other

And after that they will enter the plane

Hit the red barrel and you will kill everyone there

Get your sniper rifle and kill everyone you see

"Go in to the hut and finish the mission

Troubled Waters

Go towards the bridge and kill everyone in your way

Go down the stairs

Plant the first one then go to the other end of that area

After you place the 2nd, go back kill the one enemy going towards you and up the plank that fell

And watchout for the sniper towers

Continue where you stopped, go forward and shoot

After you go past this books go to the right and down the stairs

Place the 1st charge next to the stairs then go to the other end

After that go back up kill the ones that remain and get off the bridge

A Change in Plans

Go through the jungle and kill all enemies

Shoot the barrels and you will kill everyone there

Yet again, barrels to clear the area

Not sure if that is blood or like the burnt wood, but it might be over doing it, find some cover and clear the other side then go across the bridge

Clear the area and go in to the building

Clear the building and set the explosives

Then get out and finish the level

Untimely Frost

Stealth is an option here, get as close as you can and aim for the head

Go in to the guard tower and destroy the radio

Next guard tower, again you can keep it silent

And the last tower, again clear the area silently and destory the radio

After the go towards the explosion

Kill the 2 guards near the fire, one more is in the container to the left and one on the roof to the right

When you go through the tunnel go to the right and kill the guard up there

Then the guard to the left and one in front of you

Kill the 2 guards below and go to the gate

Go to the end of the hallway to finish the mission

In the Red

Go through the hallway and kill the enemies

After that go out and fight your way through the area

When you pass the door go to the left and continue forward

Stay in cover, use grenades and clear the area

Open the gate and go back

Go through the now open gate

Clear the room and go to that switch and activate it so you dont have to come back again

After that continue fighting

Down the stairs and through the doors

Its red because I forgot the use the switch but its there are stairs that take you back to that room near by so you won't have to run a lot, go through the door and on to the elevator to finish the level

Third Degree

More of the same, run around and kill everyone in your way, if you start taking too much damage go to cover and peek out to shoot

You will be seeing a lot of elevators on this level

Go to the platform and use it to go down


As soon as you activate it an enemy will spawn behind you so be ready for that

Go down and through that door to finish the level

Into the Gauntlet

More russians to kill, follow the obvious path and kill russians

Some extreme yoga

Use the terminal to open the doors in front

Go up to the pannel and activate it then get on to the platform

Go in to that room to for health and the one on the other side to restart the platform

If you're too lazy to open them wait for him to do it then smack him with your gun

"Take a left turn and finish the level

Sword of Damocles

Follow Galena and kill everyone in your way

Cover her while she works on the terminals

After she is done talking turn around and go the oposite way from her

Go down the stairs and kill the guy waiting under them

Just creepin

Plant charges on them and defend yourself while waiting for them to detonate

Go to the terminals Galena tells you you need to activate

Then wait for her and follow her out

Cry Me a River

Go up the stairs and go to the right

Plant explosives on the first patrol boat

Then on the second one to the right

Then go back and look for the open door to the right

Fight your way through the warehouse and go up the stairs

Kill the sniper and take his place

Cover your teammates with your sniper rifle

When the rocket flys towards you move back inside then kill him

Clear the destroyed buildings

After you clear this area of enemies the mission finishes

Unlikely Allies

Clear the area and kill the soldier on that AA gun then destroy it

Be careful here because there isn't a lot of cover and you will get ambushed

Now, when I first played this game a long ago, I was so sure I was supposed to shoot at this gate, in all reality you just need to turn around and go through the hole in the wall

Again, clear the area and then destroy the AA


Fight your way to the church

Then use the mounted machine gun to defend yourself while your teammate gets the door open

Clear the church and when you get to hear a cutscene wil play

After that fight your way to the hospital entrance

Too Little, Too Late

Fight your way through the hospital and watch your corners

If you get confused as to where to go, turn around and find a hole in the wall

Lots and lots of hole's on this level, kill the sniper and drop down

Cover your team with your sniper rifle

After that continue fighting through the hospital

Down there and finish the level


Your team will go right, you go left

To clear the entire room shoot the explosive barrels, yes that one in the back between the crates

If you don't feel like waisting ammo melee him and put explosvies on the radio

Go across the ship and kill anyone you see

Go inside clear the room and go to the next one

Open the safe and take the papers inside

An easy way to clear the area is to hit the hook and drop the container on their heads

Then just run up the stairs

Day to Day to Day

As soon as you start run to cover and kill the enemies that are on roofs first then from cover kill the rest one by one

Place a charge on the door and clear the building

Use the mounted machine gun to defend yourself from a counter attack

Clear the area, be careful, when you get near the stairs the AA gun will start shooting at you, so try and use a sniper riffle and kill him from a distance

After that defend yourself from a counter attack with the AA gun then destroy it

A Road Less Traveled

Fight your way through the warehouse

Place the explosives then after it explodes go through the hole in the wall

Take the RPG and clear the streets

And now you will need to use it to destroy the APC

And the other one

Place the explosives and go through the hole in the wall

Kill the last of the enemies and go through that door

Two Weak Evils

Pick up the rocket launcher, it's rather effective and fun

Open the door and clear the room

Use the machinegun to cover your teammate

Kill the guy with the RPG first, then kill the others from cover

Kill the last guy and go down the stairs

Vicious Circle

As soon as you get to that door a tank will go through the wall on the left

Wait for it to stop fireing and then come over to it and place explosives on to it

Pick up the RPG and make your way through the building

As soon as you get to the window start fireing the RPG at the tank, because if it turns around and starts shooting at you it will be a lot harder to destroy it

There is some extra ammo in the next room

I would suggest using the RPG on the 2 machineguns here, don't worry about ammo

The room on the left near the end of the street has lots of ammo

Peek out and fire a rocket at it then go back to cover while you reload

After that when you get to this door you finish the level

In Sheeps Clothing

I would suggest using the MP7, it has a good rate of fire and you can cancel the reload with a melee attack which is also rather quick as soon as he puts the magazine in (the counter will show 20 again)

Look for explosives, you can't really miss them

Be careful because this ones will fight from cover

And be careful here, if he pushes that over you it will instantly kill you, so just take a few steps back here

When you get to hear you will need to turn around and unlock the door

Just click "F" and go back to killing

After you went through the entire train, you will need to come back here and use the brakes to stop the train

After that go up the ladder

Keep Your Friends Closer

Go across the platform and clear the enemies on it

Wait for the RAID memeber to open the door

As soon as you see the lights stand in the middle between the 2 tracks so you don't get run over

Again, across the platform and clear the area

You should stay here and shoot from cover, then when its clear move on

Cover the RAID member while he raises the gates

Follow this 3 and kill them to finish the level

Above it All

Clear the streets

Go up the ladders and platforms to get to the rooftops

When the anntena falls go to the next roof running on it

Over the ladder to the next one

And then on the scaffolding (don't jump from here unless you want to restart the level)

And then get to the streets

Best Served Cold

Fight your way through to the elevator

Then turn around and continue the same in the other direction

Oh yes, finally an elevator

GOD DAMMNIT, fine, fine, go find a different one

Is that? Oh my god, yes it is, it's the elevator that finishes the level...

I don't know why but I enjoy look at this

The End Crowns All

Fight your way to the top, there isn't really a lot of enemies on this level

Almost there

Pick up the RPG

And get to the top

You can finish this level with the 3 rockets you have, but if you run out, ammo spawns on the map, just go back down and pick up some

And the last rocket, to see the last cutscene