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Skullgirls Walkthrough Painwheel: Fighting Marie

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If you've read the character guides prior to this one, you may have noticed the trend in easy boss fights towards the end of this guide. The same still applies for Painwheel.

Get up close to Marie and start spamming j.HK (Jumping High Kick). This move will make her flinch and cause her attacks to be somewhat delayed.

When Marie is in her second form, feel free to use Painwheel's Level 1 Blockbuster. This blockbuster will dash towards Marie and massively chunk her health. It also makes a ton of noise. The input for this blockbuster is QCF + PP (Quarter-circle foward plus any two punch inputs).

Just like her last form, you can still spam j.HK.

Once Marie reaches her third and final form, you can still spam j.HK, and should be able to land more hits with it. Marie will fall after about 4-5 j.HKs.

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