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Skullgirls Walkthrough Valentine: Fighting Marie

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As Valentine, Marie is kind of a pushover. Use the combos I talked about earlier to chunk her health. For some big damage and less chance of being hit, use QCF + HK to dash behind her while doing a lot of damage.

j.HK (Jumping High Kick) will also do a good sum of damage.

When Marie is in her second form, she's a bit lower to the ground, meaning you can land more hits on her. Again, QCF + HK is a viable attack.

Valentine's Level 1 Blockbuster works jsut as well too. It will do a great deal of damage to Marie and get her health much lower. The input for this is QCB + KK (Quater-circle back plus any two kick inputs).

When Marie is in her third form, you can spam HK to do some damage, or just jump and use QCF + HK to dash through her and do even more damage. Both are fairly viable.

Once she's dead, then you've completed the story mode for Valentine. Click "Next Page" to move on to the story mode for Double.