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Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough Bad Luck

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"After conversation with Broken Nose go to the car and drive to Tsao's mansion.

Behind the barrier you find a path which lead you to the garden with guards. If anyone accost you, press the triangle quickly and move further.

In some moment the way will be blocked by the closed gate. Jump over the parapet on the right and open the passage for your friend.

A bit later you find door leading to the Tsao's mansion. Open them with lock-pick and follow the Crab's orders.

First what you have to do is destroy four vases in the room.

Then approach the locked bar, open it and pick up hidden statuette from the other side. To break the lock you need to turn the control as long in the chosen direction until three green numbers appear. Don't do it too fast or the number won't light.

When you finish, get on the board and change the hour on the wall clock (triangle).

The last one you have to do is to move the piano in the living room.

A moment later guards appear. Hide behind the couch (L1) and wait until the go away.

Then you have to leave the building quickly and hack the camera at the gate.

When it's done, run after your companion and enter the car nearby.

It's enough to leave the mansion and park nearby the Crab's car to finish this mission.