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The Sims 3: University Walkthrough New Social Interactions

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Romantic > Heat of the Moment Kiss -- This interaction is available to all Sims. Sims who accept this kiss will instantly become romantic interests.

Romantic > Kiss and Make Up -- When your Sims use the mean socials or make other Sims offence, they are able to let bygones be bygones by using this new friendly interaction.

Romantic > Rebound Kiss -- Only available to Sims who have the "Betrayed" or "Broken Heart" moodlets. Receiving Sims will become creeped out.

Romantic > Cinnamon Kiss/Woohoo -- Only available to Sims who eat Cinnamon infused meals/beverages.

Romantic > Blow a Kiss -- Only available to Sims with the "Irresistible" trait.

Romantic > Wink -- Only available to Sims with the "Irresistible" trait.

Friendly > Juiced Social Interactions -- Available if both Sims have the "A Bit Juiced" or "Super Juiced" moodlet.

Friendly > Farewell Hug -- Only available when other Sims prepared for University by taking the aptitude test or enrolling in University.

Woohooty Text -- Sims who are in a romantic relationship can send a "Woohooty Text" to other Sims on another lot. If the receiving Sims accepts, they will come to your home and woohoo with your Sim.

Take Friendly/Romantic Photo Together -- This option is only available to Sims who at least level 2 with the Jock social groups.