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Port Forwarding on Your Router for Victor Vran

Victor Vran is Haemimont Games, EuroVideo Medien, Wired Productions, THQ Nordic's Action and Role-Playing game with a release date in 2015.

Victor Vran offers the following styles of gameplay.

  • Action games are usually a bit faster than other games and require quick reflexes. You frequently jump platforms, shoot enemy mobs, climb ladders, and
  • Role-Playing Games give you hours on end of game play where you can explore a new world through the eyes of your own character. They tend to be the longest style of game with the most immersive story lines. Popular RPG titles include Skyrim, World of Warcraft, and Fallout.

Port Forward Victor Vran

When you are playing Victor Vran you might need to forward some ports in your router. Forwarding ports is a useful trick in gaming because it can really help to make your network connection most stable and sometimes even faster. Routers were not designed to allow incoming network requests and some games can play tremendously better if an incoming connection is forwarded through the router to the game.

Before You Forward a Port

Before you can forward a port you need to know the following things:

  • Your router's IP address.
  • Your gaming machine's IP address.
  • A list of TCP and UDP ports to forward.

How to find your router's IP Address

The easiest way to locate your router's IP address is to run our free Router Detector utility. It's a part of the Network Utilities suite of tools and it's completely free to use.

How To Forward Ports

The easiest way to forward a port is to use our Network Utilities suite of tools. With our software you can quickly and easily turn your port forwards on and off for multiple programs at any time. Or just keep reading to learn how to do it by hand.

The usual process for forwarding a port is:

  • Login to your router.
  • Find your routers port forwarding section.
  • Put the IP address of your computer or gaming console in the applicable box in your router.
  • Put the TCP and UDP ports for your game in the corresponding boxes in your router.
  • Sometimes you have to reboot your router for the changes to take effect.

Ports To Forward for Victor Vran

The ports that need to be forwarded for Victor Vran are as follows:

Victor Vran - PC

  • TCP: 46001-46004
  • UDP: 46001-46004

Victor Vran - Playstation 4

  • TCP: 1935,3478-3480,46001-46004
  • UDP: 3074,3478-3479,46001-46004

Victor Vran - Switch

  • TCP: 6667,12400,28910,29900,29901,29920,46001-46004
  • UDP: 1-65535

Victor Vran - Xbox One

  • TCP: 3074,46001-46004
  • UDP: 88,500,3074,3544,4500,46001-46004

If you want to follow guides that are custom tailored to your exact router and Victor Vran simply follow one of these links:

After following those steps your ports should be forwarded. Head to our applications and games list for more port forwarding guides.

Jason Bauer

Jason Bauer

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