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Aquaria Walkthrough The Boiler Room

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Save your game at the save point/replenish your health. Cook enough healing foods if needed because we're going to defeat two bosses at once.

What you need to do now is find three pieces of clay, bind then bring them to the child.

Once he'd finished crafting, you will be attacked by the Sunkendad.

Switch to Beast Form then eat the little Jellyfish released by the Sunkendad. Shoot Sunkenmom (the priest) with your Beast Form new blasting ability (from eating those jellyfish).

The Sunkenmom getting weaker thus, can't make Sunkendad immune to energy blaster anymore. Use the opportunity to switch to Energy Form then blast him. You have to repeat these a few times, then shoot him for the final blow.

No so long after the battle, Li being kidnaped by a mysterious tentacle. Now a long loney trip back into The Abyss (map II).