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Aquaria Walkthrough The Sunken City

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In this new area, hit the Save Crystal near the start. Note that you can shoot greenish moss-covered crates in this area to get some valuable items.

Continue on to the next area until see a ghost child.

The upper left passage leading to a Save Crystal at the first split. Head out, now take the bottom left passage.

At the next split,

[Optional] choose the upper right passage to get the Girl's Costume. Afterwards,

follow the ghost child to the lower right passsage.

In Sun Form, get close to him. Lead him back to his mother at the split, but DO NOT go too fast as he will get lost and you have to repeat all over again.

The child will run off, then the mother will sing a song.

Follow him again, this time switch to Nature Form, then make a path of flowers so that his ghostly girlfriend can reach him.

Running off again, follow him to the lower left passage to witness him being bulllied by a group of faceless ghosts. Approach to defend him, suddenly the faceless ghost turn into Scavengers. Kill them.

Continue to the right passage, sing the Mother Song (Aqua, Purple, Red, Orange; Aqua, Purple, Red, Blue; Aqua, Purple, Red, Green) to unlock door.