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Aquaria Walkthrough The Turtle Cave (Optional)

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Follow the tunnel, keep going until you find a pile of rocks blocking up a path. Bind them out of the way.

There's a Turtle Egg treasure at the back of the offshoot.

Since you can sprint faster and jump higher in your Beast Form, travel up the waterfall then hop onto the ledge.

After another waterfall. you need to jump through some bubbles to go up. The Song Plant here containing three Leaf Poultices.

There's another bubble at the top of the giant bubble containing the Urchin Armor. (Use E to look around). The only way to reach it is to eat Speed booster foods such as Veggie Soup. You need to jump quickly while the effect is still active.

If you speed launch yourself diagonally up and right of the top buble, you'll find a Rukh's nest. Shoot it to snatch its egg.