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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Clothes Make the Man

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Three blue waypoints will appear on your map. These are treasure chests you need to loot.

Walk down towards the canal on the left.

There are a bunch of poles standing up in the water close to where you got the mission.

Jump from pole to pole.

Then cross this bridge.

Jump to this beam, and then to the top of the arch in front of you.

Grab this pole, and swing to the landing straight ahead.

This is the first treasure chest you need to loot.

It's location is where Ezio is standing on the map.

Now go back the way you came. Start by leaping to the poles sticking out of the water.

Climb up, then jump to the arch way.

Then jump from the arch back to the bridge.

Run to waypoint 2.

Here's the map location for waypoint 2.

There is a group of thieves standing close to the second chest. Go hire those thieves.

Tell the thieves to distract the guards who are guarding the chest.

The thieves and the guards will run off.

Leaving you free to loot the chest.

Make your way to the last waypoint on your map.

There is a group of thieves on your way to that waypoint. So hire them, it will make the remainder of this mission slightly easier.

Send the thieves in to lure the guards who are gaurding the last chest away.

Wait for the area to be clear of guards, and then walk up and loot the chest.

You are very close to being in a restricted area. So move carefully.

Move forward and blend with the people listening to the town crier.

This will keep the guards off you for a bit.

There are three guards walking around the area by the boat. Two of them are archers.

If you are quick and lucky, you can kill these guards before the other ones become aware of you.

If you aren't so lucky, you'll have a bit of a fight here.

When you are free or close to free of guards, jump on the boat. Use O to paddle the boat out of the restricted area.

There's a new waypoint on your map that you need to bring the boat to.

It's pretty close to where you got on the boat. So just bring the boat there, and jump off of it.

Clothes Make the Man should now be synched.