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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Breakout

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Three red restricted areas will appear on your map. Each one of those red areas contains a cage full of thieves.

We are going to work on the North most restricted area first.

Run across the rooftops to the North.

Take out any guards you come across.

When you get to the restricted area, you will see four guards guarding the thieves.

Jump on to the lower balcony. Then assassinate a couple of the guards.

More guards will join in. Most of these guards can be killed with counter attacks. The ones that can't be countered with your sword can be countered with your hidden blades.

When they are dead open the gate for the thieves.

You now need to lead them to the golden waypoint that appeared on your screen.

Here's the waypoint you need to lead them to.

These guys can travel across the roof tops like you do, but they are not as good at it as you are. If they fall off of the roof top they will try to climb back up to you.

If they fall in to water, they are dead.

Wait for them at the way point. As you can see these guys fall often. Very poor thieves.

We are going to do the South most objective next.

Cross the rooftops to the South killing any guards you see.

Climb down to the cage holding the thieves.

Assassinate the guard guarding the cage.

Open the cage.

Climb back up to the roof top, and wait for the thieves to get there.

Run back across the roof tops to the waypoint that appeared on your map.

Once again these guys are horrible at falling off into water. So a couple of them will die on your way back. They will die without you even getting attacked.

Drop the thieves off at the waypoint.

Here's the map location for the last objective.

Once again cross the roof tops to the objective.

Kill any guards you find on your way.

There are a couple guards guarding the cage full of thieves.

Assassinate the guards directly in front of the cage.

Three more will join the fight.

Take them out.

I didn't open the cage right away. I wanted to try walking the thieves to the waypoint on foot. So I decided to take out all the guards guarding the thieves.

They are pretty easy to take out.

Your hidden blades will take them down in twos.

You can just take these guys back to the rooftops if you want. But I took them through the streets killing guards as I went. I think it was a bit of fun.

Anyways however you get there doesn't matter. Bring the thieves back to the way point.

Drop them off, and that will complete this mission.

Breakout should now be Synched.