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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Cleaning House

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There are three green circles on your map. First go to the North most circle. You will see a bunch of boats. Your target is on the large ship that is right above Ezio's head.

With your eagle eye vision turned on your target will glow in gold.

Swim towards the boat. When the guards notice you, press and hold X to dive under water. That will hide you from them.

Keep swimming towards the boat.

Climb up on these grates.

Wait for a guard to pass by. When he does take him out.

Wait here for your target to pass by. When he does assassinate him.

Well one down two to go.

Swim back to land.

Go to the next green circle. We will go to the one that is South now.

Your second target will be in this green circle on the rooftops.

You'll encounter some guards on the roof tops, but really they pose no threat.

I found him right where Ezio is standing.

You see a lone thief roaming about on top of a roof.

Turn on your eagle eye to make sure he's the one.

Then take him down.

Now we are off to the last of our targets. He will be in the last green circle on your map.

I found your next target at this map location.

Your target is walking around a market. You can see just a glimpse of him in this screen shot.

Here's a better shot of him.

Jump down and kill him.

Cleaning house will now be synched.