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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough That's Gonna Leave a Mark

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You are surrounded by guards. They are also attacking Rosa. Once again you've got a health bar you need to watch. Kill the guards as quickly as you can.

Most of them can be taken out with counter attacks.

The armored ones need to be disarmed.

When the guards are dead get ready to follow Rosa.

She will move pretty quickly even though she's got an arrow in her leg.

Three guards will appear from ahead of you.

Take those guards out them out. Keep watching Rosa's health. If she gets too low, kill the guard she is fighting.

When those guards are dead, Rosa will start running again. Follow her.

It's not very long before she runs into three more guards.

Kill them as quick as you can.

There's a guy with a spear here. So you will have to kill him from behind, or disarm him to kill him.

Once again Rosa will start running.

And once again she runs into three guards. There's a brute here along with two others.

Take the guards out as quick as you can. The brute needs to be dealt with by disarming him or putting your sword through his back.

Once again Rosa will start running.

Then she will start limping.

And then she will fall to the ground.

You will need to carry her from now on. You will now have a waypoint on your map. Take her to that waypoint.

Four more guards will show up as you make your way to the waypoint on your screen.

The guards will not attack Rosa. A group of thieves will have joined you. They will make it way easier to take these guards out.

When all of the guards are dead, pick up Rosa. Then continue on your way.

Once again you will be attacked by four guards. Set Rosa on the ground and take the guards out.

When they are dead, pick Rosa up. Then continue on to the waypoint.

The waypoint should not be far.

You'll meet this guy, who will put Rosa on his boat.

Your next task is to protect Rosa, and the boat that she is riding on.

Take this guard out. The best way is just to run up to him, and use your hidden blade on him, before he knows what's going on.

Continue on. There will be a guard on the right facing the canal.

Take him down.

Jump to the suspended platforms, and cross the water.

Jump to the beam, and then the platform.

Get on the balcony.

Throw two knives at this guard to take him out.

Jump to the beam, and then the next platform.

Cross these beams to the other side.

Jump down to the ground below.

Kill the two guards here.

You can kill a guard by just attacking them until they fall in to the water. These guys can't swim.

There's a guard on the bridge here. Run up and knife him.

Cross the brdige and start taking down guards on this side.

There is another one a little bit further down the pier.

They are pretty easy to take out.

Run up the boxes, then jump across the two beams.

Wall run up the grate, and then jump to the next grate.

Jump from the top of that grate to the pier. And then jump to the platform.

Jump across to the next platform.

Walk up behind the guard here and take him out.

Sucks to be a guard who doesn't have eyes in the back of his head.

There are two guards below you. Assassinate them.

When those guards are dead, continue on your way.

Keep running forward.

Jump across the beams.

Then cross the two platforms here.

At this point there are no more guards to kill. The boat will be pulling into a nook under you. So just watch where the boat goes, and then jump off these platforms into the water.

Swim after the boat. When you get close you will get a cut scene.

Pick up Rosa, and carry here in to the building.

You'll get another cut scene.

They will ask you to press circle a couple times to help patch her up.

That's Gonna Leave a Mark should now be synched.