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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Infrequent Flier

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At the start of this quest it's very important to take a good long look at your map. Plan the route that you are going to take.

You don't have to soar above every fire to make it past this part. I didn't pay too much attention to the archers on the rooftops. I mainly focused on avoiding their arrows, and keeping my glider level.

I ended up taking the Northern route, and then swooping down on to the palace from the North.

Here's the first fire I hit. It's important to remember to try to keep your glider level. It's harder to keep it level later on, when it has been damaged.

Here's the second fire I went over.

Here's the third fire I went over. Lots of archers here.

Here's the forth fire I went over.

Here's the fifth fire I went over.

Fire six.

Fire seven. I don't know how helpful this is going to be. The main key to this mission is just to keep your glider level, and prevent it from getting damaged.

This is the long stretch where there are no fires to go over.

Okay I can see my path from the due South to the palace now.

There's the palace dead ahead.

I'm getting pretty close to the fires now. I need to gain altitude pretty badly. My glider is starting to dive after every fire a bit. So lose some there.

Here's the last fire before the palace.

Just get close enough to the palace and you'll get a cut scene.

Ezio will make land fall.

There's a waypoint on your map. Make your way to it.

Go down the ladder here.

Jump to the rail, and then to the next platform.

Jump to the next platform.

Jump to the waypoint to start a cut scene.

After the cut scene you need to kill Carlo Grimaldi.

He is the guy who runs into the court yard, and sets the guards on you.

Ignore the guards and go assassinate the guy you need to assassinate.

When he dies, you've got one task left. Simply excape.

There are two doors open to this court yard now. There are a ton of guards, and they attack in pairs. So it's easier to just run.

When you get away, and become anon the mission will be over.

Infrequent Flier should now be synched.