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Bioshock: Infinite Walkthrough Chapter 38: ENGINEERING DECK

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Go this way to the end of the stairs.

Reach the door by climbing the stairs.

Reach the door at the end of the room.

We are here.We get down to search for items.

Drink this bottles present on the table.

Watch the tutorial to apply the vigor.

Press ENTER to accept the vigor power.

Now here we are at the entrance and get going.

Get attached to skyline by pressing F

You can get down here by pressing F.

Now keep moving forward to the stairs.

Kill this handyman by shooting him.

Shoot him in the heart to injure him more.

Also kill all the men present in the room.

Get going this way by killing all the men.

Proceed this way and climb the stairs.

Kill the enemy present at the top.

Reach upside the stairs by climbing.

Keep going the way shown by the navigation N.

You can use the skylineby pressing F.

Get down there shown by the navigation.

Get down now by pressing SPACE.

Reach the door at the end od the way.

Press F to open the door.

We get inside the room and find the statue.

Later on proceed to back of statue.

Go this way to the door.

Open the door and keep moving.

Reach to the cumstock at the end.

Elizabeth speaks to him.

Later Pull Comstock off elizabeth.

You now kill him for misbehaving.

Now we need to find the controls.

Proceed the way shown by the navigation.

Reach the stairs and climb them to reach the top.

Go upside the stairs by climbing them.

Proceed this way to the end of the way.

Get upside the stairs to find the controls.

Request lockpic to elizabeth.

Elizabeht opens the lock by using the key she got.

Here are the controls.Now press F to steer Zeppelin.

Look out for enemies outside the zepphlin.

Here is bird speakin to the elizabeth.