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Bioshock: Infinite Walkthrough Chapter 39: COMMAND DECK

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Get attached to skyline by pressing F

Press enter to accept command authority of song bird.

Aim at the ship and press F to order the bird to attack

The bird attacks the particular ship.

You need to protect the core at any cost.

Kill all the enemies got on board.

You can use vigors at the enemies.

Shoot at the enemies present down there.

Press F to let the bird do the ground attack.

Kill all the men present down on the deck.

You need to destroy all the ships.

Shoot all the men who board on the zepphlin

Protect this core from the enemies.

Destroy all the zepplins by ordering the bird.

You can take cover by pressing F

Later when everyone is dead.Get to the elizabeth.

Here is elizabeth.Get to her.

Press F to take whistler to order songbird to destroy the siphon.

Finally the siphon is destroyed by the bird.

Here is elizabeth.

Get to the door at the end of the room

Reach the bottom of the way.

Follow elizabeth to the stairs.