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BloodRayne Walkthrough Act 1 - Louisiana: The Beauregard House

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You will see two buildings. Jump on top of the power cables near them and go to roof of the one on the right.

Jump down the smoking chimney to enter the building.

Destroy the wall with your spinkick to exit the chimney.

Exit the room through the door.

Enter the next room at the end of the corridor and go through two more doors.

After the bathroom you will find an elevator. You have to find a new battery for it to work. Exit the building.

Enter the other building through the door on the right.

You will find the battery in the garage.

When you return to the lift use your attack key to place the battery and go down.

A nest is in the basement. You will have to take a dip in the water to reach it.

Afterwards go to the second floor of the same building using the stairs.

Pass a room with a large painting.

Go inside the first room on the right.

Destroy the wall you will find inside the room.

You find two survivors but only one of them escapes.

Leave the building and go to the end of the pier that is nearby.

Run on the power cables to reach the next area.