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BloodRayne Walkthrough Act 1 - Louisiana: City of the Dead

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Move inside the graveyard.

When you reach the small church surrounded by water jump on top of the tombstones to get across the water.

Kill the things that are inside the church.

Then keep going forward and use the tombstones as safe zones from the water. You will see a big mausoleum.

After the mausoleum you will see a big nest of the creatures you encountered before. Destroy it as fast as possible because it will keep spawning more bugs.

You will find the gravedigger inside the mausoleum. You will have to find more survivors and tell them to go here.

Mynce will teach Rayne how to use a harpoon. Hold the 'E' button to pull an enemy towards you to feed on him.

Enter the door on the wall that is next to the nest you destroyed.