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BloodRayne Walkthrough Act 1 - Louisiana:Training

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Welcome to the training mission in BloodRayne. Follow Mynce and read the instructions in the cutscenes.

Jump over the water and land on the other side. Walking in water will hurt you over time so try to avoid it.

Jump on top of the cables to continue. The 'tighrope' thing means that Rayne can run on a narrow line without the need to press any other buttons to balance her.

To break through some obstacles you need to press the jump button twice when you are in front of them.

Use the rebound kick on this wall.

Kill the mutate by pressing left mouse button.

When you defeat him a new ability will be unlocked.

Pressing 3 will bring aura vision. If your enemies glow in green it means they have full health.

Go close to the next mutate and press 'E' to feed on him. You can release at any time by pressing E again. You can spin around your victim to use him as a shield with the mouse.

Using your aura vision will show you where to go.