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BloodRayne Walkthrough Act 1 - Louisiana: Ghetto

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Move forward and jump on any dry land you can. Several points of interest are in this map and you can go to them at any order.

You can go inside the first house you see to find some guns if you need them.

Go inside the second house and get to the second floor using stairs at the end of the corridor.

You will find a woman on the second floor. Rayne will tell her to go to the mausoleum.

Fastest exit out of this house is through the window.

Go to the last house on the right. The front door is locked so go around and enter through the back door.

Kill some stuff and destroy the wall that has a hole on it.

You will find another survivor.

Go to the right side of the building that is next to the one you just found the last survivor in. You will find a spot where you can break in.

Enter the first room and destroy a wall.

Destroy the nest in here. Using your blood rage makes it fast and easy. Dynamite is very effective as well.

When you are done go to the start of the level and jump on the power cables to go to the next map.