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Borderlands 1st release Walkthrough Arid Badlands: Hidden Journal: The Arid Badlands

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Mission overview

Go to the first waypoint.

Take the first journal. Then move on to the next waypoint.

The second journal. Move on to next waypoint.

To get the third journal, it's a little bit tricky.

When you reached the waypoint. If you try to find the journal on the ground, then you'll find nothing.

Firstly, jump on this box.

Now, climb up through this way.

Still not found? Then maybe you miss it. It just in front (from picture).

There is it... :)

Now move to another waypoint.

Easy, not like before.

The last one is a little bit tough becuase of enemies here. Just be careful.

Well. Where is it the last journal?? Look for these three barrels and look below.

The last one is here. Now you can turn it in.