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Borderlands 2 DLC: Sir Hammerlocks Big Game Hunt Walkthrough Professor Nakayama, I Presume?

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Go straight to the waterfall were you first jumped down from.

Right under the waterfall is a cave entrance go through it.

When you exit the cave take the right passage to the scaylion.

Run to the left way and up the rocks.

If you see the Hand with X you are on the right passage, run over the bridge.

Then jump down over the ledge and run forward.

To the left is the Cave and go into it.

Fight off the Scaylions and continue further.

Then to the left is the area where Thermitage is located.

In the area fight off the scaylions then Thermitage will come.

Shoot Thermitage on his stinger for criticals and run around him.

The village is located left to the entrance.

Up the stairs to the right then flollow through the village to the elevator.

Fight off the savages first and progress through to the elevator.

Then get up on the elevator and go up.

Fight off all the worshipers.

Then fight the waves of savages.

Then you turn in your quest at Claptrap.