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Borderlands 2 DLC: Sir Hammerlocks Big Game Hunt Walkthrough A-Hunting We Will Go

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Run straight to the edge of the mountain and jump down into the cave.

Fight off the scaylions and progress to the entrance to Ardorton Station.

Run through the Blue lighted savage camp and up to the exit on the other side.

Then when you are out to the right is stairs run up them.

Then directly take the other staircase up.

To the right is one of the samples then destroy it.

Run outside then straight down the road is the other sample.

Between the boxes is the sample.

Then just outside the savage camp exit to the right is a passage way then run through it.

The sample is located in the shed in the back of the camp.

Go to the place where you destroyed the first sample and run up through the door.

Then to the left and up the stairs.

Then go down and through the door.

To the left is a lever you must pull.

Then kill Woundspike by shooting it in the face.

Run up the stairs and exit the lab.

Then run to the nearest exit and return to the lodge.