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Call of Duty Black Ops Walkthrough Mission 11 - WMD

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After using the SR-71, stay crouched for accuracy and keep your sights on the doorway and windows.

Move through this area and clear it of enemy hostiles. Once you do that, set the explosive charge.

Break through the window and take out as many troops as you can in this bullet time sequence.

Use the crossbow to silently take out the enemies in the garage, remember not to use explosive bolts!!

Listen to the SR-71's pilot to let you know when to expect enemies to approach your location.

When the bridge breaks, quickly sprint and jump to the other side. Then run against the avalanche, jump off the mountain and parachute onto the ground.

Tear through this base. Don't worry about being quiet any more.

Take out any nearby troops who are close to your escape vehicle.

Concentrate your fire on enemy vehicles to cause some significant damage.