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Call of Duty Black Ops Walkthrough Mission 13 - Rebirth

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After the opening cut-scene, open the door to the crate and kill the guard to obtain his weapon, a hatchet. Continue to follow Resnov along the rooftops.

Follow Reznov to the elevator, open fire and let the chaos begin.

Continue following Reznov sweeping the area. Watch out for enemies who are firing on you from a high vantage point.

After the cut-scene is finished you'll be in control of Hudson. On the LMG kill all enemies in your way.

Continue at the weapon controls until a brief cut-scene will throw you from the vehicle and you'll be surrounded by Nova 6 gas. Your mask can only take set hits. So beware of your health and continue sweeping the area.

Use your sniper rifle to pick out the enemies through the cloud of Nexus 6.

Pick up the rocket launcher from the ground, lock on and fire upon the enemy helicopters.

Make your way to the next checkpoint. Use this vantage point to fire on the enemy troops below.

Continue making your way to the next checkpoint killing all guards in the facillity, after a short cutscene, the mission will be ended.